eLicenser/Dongle Eprom woes

I kept getting “No valid licence found - program will quit” but if I tried again - and sometimes again and again - Cubase would load. I downloaded the latest eLicenser and after “maintenance” it told me the dongle was broken. Cubase 5 loads intermittently, Cubase 6 64 bit loads after repeated tries and Cubase 7 64 bit only loads after a reboot. I have the ancient long blue dongle but it’s never been abused.

Am I a victim of corporate manipulation? Has anyone else “lost” their licenses only to find that Cubase loads eventually? I’ve contacted Steinberg support but I’m hoping someone will tell me to trash preferences or update my USB drivers etc. How can the dongle work intermittently? Eproms are supposed to be super reliable… :question:

Flash memory will fail after a number of write cycles. You ought to transfer your license keys over to a new/working dongle before the old one dies.

Good luck,

Buy a new Steinberg key immediately, then plug both keys in your computer and try to transfer your licenses from the old to the new dongle.