eLicenser Dongle Required????

In no place while purchasing this $400 product did it mention. Hey you need a USB dongle that we will provide and oh hey its an additional $25. Naturally I assumed that the product works with some activation code. But no it seems not to work at all without this dongle that is never mentioned until after steinberg gets your money. So my question is. Do I really need this dumb USB dongle? I have zero USB ports left unless I want to forego using a keyboard or a mouse or a third monitor and I am not about to buy some USB hub to attach to my electronic spaghetti. So if you all tell me yeah its required can’t work without it, I will kindly ask for steinberg to refund my money and go buy a product that doesn’t have this archaic requirement. Can you imagine if I had 20 different providers that all required some stupid USB device plugged in for their software to work. Not a scaleable architecture.

What product are you even talking about?