eLicenser error “Application Cubase/Cubase Artist has caused the following error” in Windows 10 Pro

Hello all,
When switching from (or shutting down Wavelab Elements 10) and ( going to Cubase 10.5 (or starting Cubase 10.5 up) i get an eLicenser control error saying, “Application Cubase/Cubase Artist has caused the following error”. Process with the ID NOT found". i have to either restart Windows or shut down the “Protected Object Server 32 bit” through Task Manager. Then Cubase will start. Sometimes in Safe Mode? i’m puzzled. Everything was working great. Then this started. Funny thing is, i’ve been trying to recall what i did different if anything at all. i don’t recall doing anything. i have uninstalled eLicenser completely, then re-installed it. To no avail, same thing happens. Please help. All help is appreciated. Thank you in advance.

Has anyone else experienced this? Thanks. Bump

Hope your still there.
I have exactly the same problem today May 24 2021.
I’m not sure what did this but it just happened.
Did you solve the problem ?