[elicenser error] How do I force Cubase to appear in Security&Privacy (Mac)?


I have been doing some reading up on issues relating to elicenser errors appearing on start-up of Cubase and Dorico.

  1. I have read through [url=https://helpcenter.steinberg.de/hc/en-us/articles/360001406039-macOS-10-14-Mojave-Steinberg-program-wants-access-to-control-Synsopos-app]this article
    1a. I did never get the alert “…wants to access control…”
    1b. In automation I see Dorico 2 associated to Synsopos in Automation section of Security&Privacy section of System Preferences
    1c. I do not see Cubase 10 entry in dialogue and can therefore not associate Cubase to Synsopos to remedy elicenser errors?

How do I force Cubase to appear in referenced dialogue so I can secure connection to Synsopos?