elicenser error message

For no obvious reason I have started to get a message box that says…

Soft elicenser doesn’t have enough permissions to run properly. Please run LCC to fix the problem.

This pops up twice, but Dorico loads regardless. This also appears (once) if I try to load Cubase 10.5 though again the program runs anyway.

I ran the eLicenser Control Center and got a message saying…

The soft elicenser stored on this computer seems to be altered in an unrecoverable way. Please contact your software vendor…

There was Windows update a couple of days ago which may have some bearing on this. What can it all mean?

Windows 10 updates have this effect on the eLicenser frequently. The first thing you should do is follow the instructions Steinberg have provided here.
Report back to let us know whether or not that works.

It worked, many thanks. Just run the LCC as Admin and all is recovered.