eLicenser Error, no error code loop

I just purchased Cubase pro 8.5 and I’m having a pretty serious problem with both Groove Agent (and SE) -
I believe it’s a system-wide problem, but thought it’d be better to post here first.

I basically can’t use GE (both Trial and SE) without getting a “eLicenser Control - Error” which doesn’t produce an error code (blank) - which enters a loop and I’m forced to ‘force quit’ cubase.

I can open a new instrument, play with it and close the window, but upon re-opening I’m getting this message and that’s it… It takes time to check the license (I think), and won’t stop with this annoying loop…

I couldn’t find an answer in the forum, hoping there’s a fix - it’s really, really annoying.
Cubase itself works and other eLicenser plugs I own, so what is happening here?

Thank you very much,