eLicenser error


When trying to install Cubase LE Elements to check it out for a friend, I am getting the error
“Applications still active on this computer are using the eLicenser Control software”

All applications (Cubase Pro 9.5, VSL) are closed and not showing in my ‘Force Quit’ menu (I’m on MacBook Pro running Sierra 10.12.6)

Can anyone offer any advice


First thing to try (after a restart of your macOS system) would be to launch eLicenser Control Center, it will display all your licenses and show which licenses are currently in use (the respective licenses displays a small number of “Application-Instances”).

If this doesn’t help to identify the software that is still using the eLicenser Control system, then open Activity Monitor and look for a process called “Synsopos” – it’s the central module of the eLicenser Control runtime. Kill that process, and your installer should stop complaining about the eLC runtime still being used.

Thanks for posting, it helped me with the same issue.

Hello, could you help me with the same problem, my computer is Windows 64 bits, OptiPlex 3050
When I have downloaded Cubase AI and try to open it, it sends me again to put the license