eLicenser errors - Fresh install 10.5.5 with new Mac Pro


Long time Cubase user with eLicenser dongle which I’ve used for years fairly “error free” Until now!

I have a new Mac Pro (old Pc user) And I have upgraded to Cubase Pro 10.5 and all seems to be registered and working OK.

HOWEVER I get these eLicensor errors, most times I open Cubase, usually to the point where I can’t get into the program and have to force quit.

Sometimes (rarely) I get in error free.

Cubase support ignore my tickets, great! So frustrating, brand new studio and cannot open DAW.



Errors include

Cubase / Cubase Artist - “Failed to send GetInfo”
Cubase Artist 10.5 - “application not registered” (I don’t own Cubase Artist)
ARA Service - “Application not registered”
“At least one connected elicenser contains licenses which cannot be used”

And a whole host of other errors depending on which mood Cubase is in.

I have heard something about SeL files -

I have two SeL on my elicensers

Linplug RMV upgrade
Neuro Mindset expansion for Cubase

I don’t know if these are causing problems or not.

Go to User/Library/Preferences and trash the following pref files:

  1. com.Syncrosoft.LCC.plist

  2. net.steinberg.elicenser.plist

  3. Download the latest e licenser app. After that run the UNINSTALLER from that.

  4. Unplug licenser, reboot Mac holding down CMD+OPTION+P+R and wait for THIRD beep then let off keys

  5. Open Installer again and Install the licenser app from there

  6. Plug in your dongle

  7. Open E licensor app and select Registration/Register all e licensers at My Steinberg

  8. Actions/Maintenance/Perform Maintenance tasks

  9. Run the things under the support tab for giggles

  10. Re boot Mac, open up licenser and see if all is well there, license showing and all that

*last step would be to delete/move Cubase prefs or simply open Cubase in SAFE mode and use a new set of prefs SAFE MODE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1-T1uJPm3QI
You will lose all your settings if you chose to delete them. You can simply move them somewhere and Cubase will build a new set of prefs when it boots.


Thank you for your efforts there, unfortunately after all steps taken - all the exact same errors appear. I’ve tried every single point you mentioned including starting in safe mode/deleting preferences.

eLicensers errors galore when starting Cubase, all over the place. I don’t even have or have ever had Cubase Artist so I’ve no idea why it’s throwing up errors to do with that.

Disappointed Steinberg - guess I should try Logic, maybe that will work… shame I liked the workflow in Cubase and have used it for 20 years.

I would trash Cubase and do a re install myself. Other than your e licenser being an issue which I don’t think it is since I had those errors as well on a NEW one here. Ive NEVER had Artist either.
I think it is something to do with the syncing of the elicenser site, the dongle and our MySteinberg account
Who knows, steinberg won’t fix it it seems. Gotta have that dongle though

I would go directly to the prefs folder HD/USER/LIBRARY/PREFERENCES and trash any and all things that say Steinberg or Cubase there. That way you know ALL the prefs are gone.

Usually that and trashing the e licenser prefs does the trick. Shane why do you have StudioOne too, Oh, I don’t know, lol

***New Cubase update 10.5.10 is out BTW
e licecenser update as well !!

Any update on the issue? I don’t have to describe my problem cause the OP already did. IDENTICAL situation and desperation and frustration. I am speechless.
Is there any solution?


This is ridiculous. After every update the Cubase works once and then everything starts again. BTW I don’t have any problems on my Windows.