elicenser errors on Mac but totally fine on PC

so cubase works good on windows pc, rarely would crash due to elicener or other issues.
but on macbook, I get like 20 elicenser error messages trying to start cubase 10… and then when cubase starts I get crashes and error from elicenser.
tried everyhting.
-just got new dongle
-reinstalled elicenser
-reset pvram

still same problem on macbook


What kind of error messages you get?

and when cubase crashes I get this error:

1.Trash your e licenser prefs if you haven’t yet. Run the Uninstaller form the install, then re install the current one.
2. Do the maintenance in the e licenser app
3. Make sure your laptop is online when you do these

*This is the joy of being on OSX, see, no issues at all, lol

will do try that again.

thank you so much for your help and tips, youre more help than Steinberg support and forums mods

Welcome, BTW when I say prefs Im referring to the e licenser/ syncrosoft prefs, NOT Cubase
I had these issue recently BTW and these are the things I did to fix it, not trying to sound like a broken record


Could you try to install an older 32-bit eLicenser Control Center application, please?

How old is your USB-eLicenser?