Elicenser Errors

I have started getting eLicenser errors, that prevent Nuendo 7 from starting occasionally.
I’ve tried reinstalling the drivers, other USB ports but it keeps on showing up from time to time.

Very annoying and got one of my customers kind of angry today. (Because it happened for the second time now)
I need to solve this.

Any suggestions?

I get a crashed system thread called synsopos, need to manually kill it and after a while I can start Nuendo again.
Happens after logging out and back into the system.
Could this be related to the Wavelab watch folders?


I get them too. Since I switched to the trashcan Mac Pro, I’ll get them first time logging in for the day or after a reboot. Sometimes I have to restart Nuendo (6.5) 3 or 4 times before it starts up. Very annoying.