Elicenser failing?

My ELC was plugged into my PC since day 1 and today out of the blue I started getting ELC errors. I did reinstall ELC software/rebooted, changed USB ports a billion times.

Only works once after reinstalling everything. Doesn’t boot the second time. Rinse and repeat.

Elicenser Control Center doesn’t show my licenses, just says “Reading Elicenses”… frozen (no licenses showing up).


How do I find out for sure?

Why does it only work once? Always works once right after driver install. And never again until the next driver reinstall.

Well, August 11th was a Tuesday. I just looked at my “Windows Update” page and it says I have an update available but pending download. I always defer my updates.

So, if you’re on Win 10 it’s possible you got an automatic update that messed with your eLicenser for some reason. I’ve never really had a problem after running the scan or update or whatever it is that the eLicenser software does, but it’s possible that’s your problem.

So run that if you haven’t. You can maybe roll back your update and see if that works. (always defer them)

And of course if none of that works then just buy another key and move the licenses over to it and see if that works. Worst case scenario if that doesn’t work you now have a spare key.

After a nightmare day of endless troubleshooting (everything freezing, couldn’t even launch Chrome browser) that culminating in me requesting an RMA for the motherboard and ordering a new one, I just went ahead and reinstalled windows… and so far it works. Maybe a bad update or something, I don’t know? The whole system just imploded out of nowhere.

But so far so good. WIll return the new mobo if things don’t get worse.