eLicenser fails to update Dorico to 4.0


I’m trying to upgrade my license from Dorico 3.5 to 4.0.

I run Steinberg Download Assistant, and add the Download Access Code I received after purchase.

This opens the eLicenser Service Center. It is up-to-date at on Mac.

After trying to upgrade, I get a failure message, saying that there are problems with the server. This is happening at every try.

I have two eLicensers installed. Both have issues. The first one was full (due to VSL licenses), and the second one had a problem when adding a license, and VSL couldn’t repair it.

My Dorico 3.5 license is in the first key (the full one). Maybe this is the problem?

I had hoped that the eLicenser nightmare would have ended with Dorico 4, but I see it is still here… :frowning:


Could you try temporarily removing the other eLicenser and retry the Download Access Code.

The transition from Dorico 3.5 to Dorico 4 should be final time you need to interact with eLicenser (for Dorico, at least!)

Ben, I removed the second eLicenser, and retried. To be true, the Download Access Code was no longer necessary, since an Activation Code did appear in my account on MySteinberg.

The error when trying to upgrade the license in eLicenser is still there, either starting from Steinberg Download Manager or directly from eLicenser Control Center.

I fear the problem is in the eLicenser key being full. If the activation software has to write something, it can’t.


If you open Steinberg Activation Manager, does it show a license for Dorico 4?

Even if it shows “verification pending”, you should still be able to use it while we get to the bottom of this issue.

Ben, I confirm my license for Dorico Pro 4 appears as “Verification pending” ("'Verifica in sospeso") in Steinberg Activation Manager.

I clicked the Activate button, and Dorico Pro 4 is launching. Thank you again!


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That’s good news! If you sign out of Steinberg Activation Manager, wait 10 seconds and then sign back in again it should force your license to refresh and the “verification pending” should be gone.

Ben, I can’t confirm it. Even after following your instructions (log out from the web page and the SAM), the license is still in “Verification pending” status after logging in again.

I’ll repeat the procedure in the next hours, to see if it changes.

In the meantime, Dorico 4 is working, and as far as I know I can have it working for the next month.


It will show “verification pending” until your Dorico Pro 3.5 license in your eLicenser says “non-upgradeable”, which means that the update has been successfully completed.

Ouch. So, since there is no way to write in the eLicenser key containing the old Dorico Pro 3.5 license, I will have to ask for some alternative solution to have a working Dorico Pro 4 license.

Should I open a ticket, or is it something that will maybe be solved in general with a future software revision?


Probably you should open a ticket and see what our colleagues in the support team suggest, yes.