eLicenser Hell

After three or four years of music-making happiness, Cubase Artist, Padshop Pro, Retrologue, Cubasis and The Piano disappeared from my eLicenser. Then after syncing to My Products on the Steinberg site Cubase Artist, Padshop Pro, Retrologue, Cubasis and The Piano dissappeared from My Products on the Steinberg site.

Steinberg did send me a zero downtime code but it does not work.

I have descended into Steinberg eLicenser Hell.

Much more information is needed if you want help.
ZDT is for when you eLicenser is lost or stolen. If you used that process, you may have just “voided” your eLicenser dongle, which may be why the code didn’t work.
You may try running maintenance in eLCC if you had not already tried that but I can’t say if it would work now that you may have reported your dongle lost or stolen.
Anyway, what steps have you taken?
What exactly happened?

Following describes my eLicenser problem.

The other day my eLicenser stopped working and I was required to update my eLicenser software. After the eLicenser update my products were reflected in the My Products area on the Steinberg website but were missing from the eLicenser. Now my eLicenser reflects my Steinberg software, especially Cubase Artist, Padshop Pro, the Grand 3 and Retrologue. I’ve updated my eLicenser software and run synchronization a number of times and now my license is not reflected in the My Products area of the Steinberg site. On one of the related web pages my license is listed as broken.

I did try to get a temporary license but that may have caused the license containing Cubase Artist, Padshop Pro, the Grand 3 and Retrologue to disappear from the main My Products page on the Steinberg website.

While trying to resolve my problem I received an automatic email. It is confusing and appears that it does not apply to my problem??

I sent an email with this information to info@steinberg.de. I’m not sure if this information will reach the Steinberg’s Customer Support Team.

I’m confused and am not sure what to do next?? Note: I did not send in the form saying my dongle was lost or stolen. It seems to be working.

Also note: I’ve been using Steinberg products and the eLicenser for about five years and never had a problem.

Unfortunately, this sounds like an issue that only support can help with. Maybe someone else can advise but I don’t know what else to suggest. Hopefully they will get to your support request quickly.

Not sure what OS you are using but, check out the release notes for the eLCC software. Looks like there was some issues recently. Make sure you have the latest and do the maintenance routine.


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Ok. Right now my system is up and running. My products are reflected on my eLicenser BUT my products are not reflected on the My Products area of the Steinberg website. I do have a Steinberg Support Team ticket in process and they say they are working on my problem. So far - yeah.

I do appreciate all of your comments - sure helps to better communicate with the support team.

I did have one more question. Just before my eLicenser problems started, I connected my Roland A300 directly to my laptop using the ASIO4ALL driver. l have a progressive muscle-wasting disease and I’m trying to see how much music I can make with very little equipment. The A300 plus the ASIO4ALL worked well by the way. Then I tried to hook up my little Korg Nanokeys2 plus the ASIO4ALL to my laptop - could not get that to work and that’s about the time the eLicenser stopped working.

So, my last question: Do you think the Nanokey2 ASIO4ALL combination had anything to do with my eLisenser problems?

Again -> really appreciate coments and help.

I don’t think they are related (it is possible, I suppose). I have a NanoKey and I have never had any trouble. Usually, any eLicenser strangeness are cleared up with running maintenance in eLCC.

Agree. I have always been successful managing my licenses by running maintenance In eLCC.

I had a damaged and a lost key. It was pretty painless (by steinberg support…particularly Nils) getting it running. DO NOT REPORT YOUR DONGLE AS LOST OR DAMAGED. It CLEARLY says you will render the key void/useless. If you got a ZDT then thats probably what happened
Currently there is a sync issue between elicenser and Steiny site but it does not affect operation in any way.

Many thanks to support for a great job for my issues.

in my experience it often takes hours or days for the mysteinberg info to update from your elicencer - usually a “known issue” with the licence server. I’m sure it will come right soonish

Make sure you do follow up with support though, even if the license appears working because, if you did use ZDT on that USB eLicenser, it will probably (or may? not really sure) eventually stop working when the server finds it and kills it. Maybe it won’t since you never successfully completed the ZDT process by activating your licenses on a new eLicenser though. Either way, check with support for sure…

Update. I sent the following email to Steinberg Support today:


a. Broken eLicenser: 14469xxxxxxA1 Deactivated on: 10/23/2019 04:1

b. Ticket ID# 23xxxx.

The listing of the Steinberg products that I have purchased is still not reflected on the My Products page on the Steinberg.net website. I have taken all recommended steps to resolve this issue with no success.

I am currently able to use my products under a temporary license. I am, however, worried about losing my licenses! I have a lot of money invested in my ideal Steinberg/Yamaha system - including Cubse Artist, The Grand, Retrologue, Padshop Pro, UR44, Yamaha keyboard, Yamaha mixer. Needless to say, I am starting worry.

Your assistance is appreciated.

I’m not sure I’m having any luck resolving my eLicenser problem. I received the following email from Steinberg Monday:

"Dear [kwil],

Thank you for your email regarding a Steinberg product!

Please note that you have contacted the technical support team in Germany. For direct support in your country, have a look at the following links to find the responsible distributor:




Thank you for your understanding!

Best regards

Daniel Heide
Steinberg Support"

I’m still using a Zero Down Time License. Steinberg is really a difficult company to deal with.

This must be a mistake from our side. I am very sorry about that. Please allow me to assist you directly over the ticketing system in case you haven’t contacted the support staff from your region.

Ok. Finally resolved my issue. My Steinberg products are finally reflected on the My Products page.

Resolution was the result of first updating eLicenser software and then calling support. And, I did not need a new dongle.

It is ridiculous that you even had to go through all of that.