eLicenser help, please


Dear members, I’d really appreciate some help with this.
Since I upgraded to Cubase 8 Pro, I have TWO identical items listed as “Cubase Pro 8” in “Software” section in “My products” @ Steinberg.
I perform maintanance task on regular basis, and I’m not sure if I have to do anything about this.I have another dongle with the license for Cubase Elements 7 which I purchased before I came across full Cubase 7.5 boxed.
I also have Steinberg UR44 audio interface I really like very much. Now, being that I initially started with Cubase Elements 7, I didn’t enter any access code to download Cubase AI (or whatever version).
I have the paper (which I got with my card) with the activation code for Basic FX Suite. Now, I’m not quite sure if I need that basic FX Suite now that I have full version of Cubase. I was told it was incorporated in Cubase, but still I don’t have a clear picture about all this. Does anything related to UR44 needs a dongle??? Sorry for a dumb question, I read UR44 can be used with any DAW, and I need to make sure I get the right picture, because, I’m about to sell my “old” dongle w\Cubase Elements 7. I’d like to use my dongle with the license for Cubase 8 Pro and put my new licenses (Halion5,etc…) on it. Also, I’d like to be able to use my UR44 on any machine w\o a dongle, in case I need to work with someone who doesn’t use any of Steinberg products. Once again, sorry for a dumb question (UR44 + dongle) but it’s a dumb for a reason, as @ the shop where I purchased UR44 they didn’t know the definite answer to that FX Suite part… BTW, so far I’ve been using UR44 w\o any problems and w\o zero latency monitoring, which (I presume) would require the software which came with UR44.I hope I didn’t sound too confusing about all this…
So, people, HOW to keep my dongle + license(s) in order ???

Thank you for your time.

Firstly I presume that you have activated your USB dongle?
Have you opened the the eLicenser to see what is registered on your USB dongle? It will be Start>Programs>Steinberg>eLicenser on a PC - don’t know about a Mac.

I would contact support to find out what might have happened.

The activation process tends to accumulate all you licenses on the one dongle. I stated off ages ago using Cubase Artist and upgraded to SX3 with a new dongle and my Artist dongle no longer worked. The new dongle worked for Artist as well as SX3. If you have used the upgrade path you cannot sell on a version of Cubase that is included on the current dongle, as only one individual can own those versions. All the previous versions of Cubase will work with that license.

Thanx for your reply, Silhoulette.

Well, as far as I remember, yes, and it has its number, (but I blurred any numbers on screenshots)

Here’s the screenshot of what’s ATM on my dongle.
And that’s OK. It’s just when I log in to Steinberg, I have listed two identical lines THERE, not on my dongle.
And had no plans selling this particular dongle, but another one I have purchased earlier. So, to make it clear - my current MAIN dongle with Cubase 8 Pro stays with me for ever & ever :slight_smile:
My old dongle with Cubase Elements 7 is heading to a new owner. Yes, I didn’t UPGRADE my old license Elements 7 to full version, instead I bought full box with Cubase7.5 :slight_smile: Looks really nice. And, once again, THANK YOU, STEINBERG for the grace period!!!
BTW, any attempt to contact Steinberg support redirects me to the page suggesting local reseller, which I wouldn’t go for. What is the best way to get in touch with Steinberg directly (e-mail, phone#???)

Thank You

Unfortunately (for some) that seems to depend greatly on where in the world you are.

You can always try getting ahold of one of the monitors in the forum (unless they already contacted you) via private message (PM) in the forum. Please note that the forum is not Steinberg official support, though everyone from Steinberg here are most generous.

As far as hardware is concerned: the eLicenser is a form of DRM, and has been stated by Steinberg to be used as software copy protection, not (at least not yet, cross your fingers) for hardware access control, so you’ should be fine. :wink:

Elektrobolt, thanx a lot.

Unfortunately (for some) that seems to depend greatly on where in the world you are.

That’s how I thought :slight_smile:

I’ll try to contact some of the people via PM as you suggested,then. I must add, entire eLicenser thing, went surprisingly smoothly. I mean I heard a lot of spooky stories about the dongle, and a lot of people disliked that idea of copy protection for several reasons. The only “problem” I had - I couldn’t buy one so easily where I live, at least in the past it wasn’t possible. For years I used different DAW, few host programs, and finally was able to test Cubase. I had LE in the past, so I knew the basics.

As far as hardware is concerned: the eLicenser is a form of DRM, and has been stated by Steinberg to be used as software copy protection, not (at least not yet, cross your fingers) for hardware access control, so you’ should be fine. > :wink:

I understand that, of course, but I was wondering about that Basic FX Suite and that activation code I got printed. I guess it’s a part of “TOOLS_for_UR44” (drivers and extra) installer and being that there IS a code I should enter
there is a possibility for that FX Suite to be bundled to dongle. Of course, I could use UR44 and Cubase on any machine, but if I, say, use a friends PC with XY DAW, and connect mu UR44, I can do so, but if wouldn’t have access to FX Suite w\o a dongle, right??? If I’m wrong, what’s the point of Activation Code I got from Steinberg ??? I mean, I don’t even use that FX Suite, but I’d like to have the right information about all this.
Thank You

Regarding FX suite:

There are 2 versions of the plugs. There are the DSP versions that run with zero latency in the UR hardware and these will always be available to you when using the UR but only in the UR Mixer and not as vst plugs in the DAW.

Then there are VST versions which are licenced to your dongle. (which is why you have the code)
You can use these in any DAW the same as all vst plugins, but only with your dongle plugged in.

Thank you, Grim !!! Thank you very much.


I have checked your MySteinberg account and it seems to be all right. It could have been a discrepancy between MySteinberg and the eLicenser server.
The important thing is that you have just one Cubase Pro 8 license on your eLicenser and that is what you showed us on your screenshot of the eLicenser.

You don’t have to worry about it :wink:

Best regards,

Thanx a lot, Guillermo!!! As I wrote in PM, Luis Dongo was kind enough to contact me earlier today, so THANK BOTH OF YOU and all the members who helped so far.
Your help is much appreciated.