Elicenser in Argentina. There is nowhere to buy it

Hello, I want to buy Cubase, but nobody sells it here. I called the number on the support page for Argentina, but they don’t have it available.
How can I contact Steinberg support so maybe they can deliver it to me?
I appreciate your help, I am quite frustrated.

Hi and welcome,

You can order it from the Steinberg Online Shop directly. Or am I missing something?

When the distributor of Steinberg in Chile was Yamaha they didn’t do the things better. They hadn’t any kind of information in the web page and it was necessary to call them up using smoke signals. Unfortunately in Argentina is today Yamaha the distributor, but maybe you can have luck calling up

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Edit: you already said you called up, I forgot it.

I can’t remember it right, but if I am not wrong, when one tries to buy it from the Steinberg page, it says you must contact the distributor. It was years ago, but I remember I had issues with that. With the updates is different and you can purchase direct.

You mean that they should send me the elicenser to my home if buy it from Steinberg Online Shop? That’s the thing I am not sure about

The distributor in Argentina (Yamaha Music) doesn’t have it available, and they didn’t also offer me any solution. I don’t know how can I get it.