eLicenser Issue After Update

I don’t know if others experience this too but every time I install a Cubase update my eLicenser stops working. I just updated Cubase Pro from 9.5.40 to 9.5.41 and when performing maintenance on the eLicenser it failed at step 4 cleaning up eLicenser memory so I tried again but it again failed at step 4. I tried Cubase but it would not load saying no valid license. Minor heart attack so I rebooted my computer and ran maintenance again and this time it worked thankfully. Like I say this is a recurring issue for me.

I see others with similar issues. My thought is that the new CB installer also installs the latest eLicenser software too (if it is not already to the latest version). During that install it may change settings like “run as administrator”.

So for me… After each update, I have made a habit of immediately checking the eLicenser software to ensure it is the latest, and run the maintenance routine with it set to “Run as Administrator”.

Regards :sunglasses:

Thanks Prock, I will try and remember to do that next time :slight_smile: