Elicenser issue at cubase startup

Why does the steinberg activation manager give me a warning about the elicenser when I start cubase? I purposely ugraded all my steinberg software to activation manager versions and uninstalled elicenser to get rid of that annoying thing and now I’m stuck with a warning every time I start cubase 12.5??

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I don’t know the answer, but you’re more likely to find someone who does if you told us what the “warning” actually says. Perhaps even a screenshot.

FYI, 12.5 doesn’t exist, and supposedly never will - 13 is the next stop.

Cubase 12.0.70 then, it tells me "An eLicenser problem has occured, Your elicenser initialization is hanging. You can continue using your Steinberg Licensing based products. If you want to use your eLicenser based products, restart your computer.

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Come on, now … don’t leave us hangin’! What happened when you restarted your computer?

I’m pretty sure that, at this point, you are just going to have to live with the eLCC being installed. Why do you need to uninstall it? Obviously, it is going to do you more harm than good.

Same message after rebooting.

re-install it

The eLCC is still necessary with Cubase 12. Just for compatibility reasons.
I guess Cubase 13 is the next step to make it obsolete.

Did you ever have a soft licence on the Hardrive and removed or upgraded anything ? Sometimes changing hardware makes this happen and there’s been a soft licence on the drive you will get an error message

I installed Cubase AI first time. I also see that warning.

At the moment, Steinberg Activation Manager still expects to find eLicenser Control Center on the machine. It is possible to disable this dependency on eLicenser Control Center, but doing so requires editing a JSON file. Steinberg staff have posted instructions on the forums to make this change, but it only seems to be recommended when needed to fix an otherwise malfunctioning system.

For now, the supported and recommended way to operate is to leave eLicenser Control Center installed, even if you do not have any active eLicenser licences. In the future, I expect that Steinberg will declare that eLicenser Control Center is optional and allow those of us who no longer have any eLicenser licences to remove it without hand editing configuration files and running in an unsupported configuration.

Anybody try removing the elicenser after the announcement and getting the same error or is the error gone with cubase 13?

It is still necessary for compatibility reasons. But you don’t need the eLicenser anymore, you just need to keep the software.