eLicenser issue "Invisible words" (with images)

Hi guys,

My elicenser’s words are invisible. I can’t see anything. I use windows 8.1 but there was same problem in windows 8.
However, my windows version is single language (Turkish) because it was cheap. :smiley: Whatever…
Can someone help me? Images are blow.

Thank you :slight_smile:


have you already installed the latest elcc? http://www.elicenser.net/en/latest_downloads.html



Yes, yesterday I installed but didn’t change anything. (Sorry, I forgot writing this. :S )
And, I installed several time, several elicenser version. But result is same.
So i can’t register my product
Thank you for answer. :slight_smile:
(My all programs legal and latest version installed.)

Hi again,

My problem is still continue :frowning: Can you help me?

Without any other evidence I’d suspect a faulty dongle. You got thru the installation of Cubase and managed to enter the activation codes?!

Windows version single language because it was cheap? Buy cheap and you buy twice they say. Cubase isn’t cheap. Hm. Strange problem though. Try googling the problem as it APPEARS not what it occurs on (ie: the dongle) and see if it’s common thru, say, a graphics problem. Sample “distorted text in XXXX” program.

Also. Try changing you graphic resolution and see if it’s still there. I’m pretty sure there is an optimum (best) for Cubase. With luck if you change back to the resolution you started with the system can be tricked into normality.

Unfortunately not. Everything is OK. All programs are working completely included Cubase 7. But elicenser was broken since about 1.5 years. I think, this problem is about software. 1.5 years ago, I installed my new windows 8 and I didn’t install any other programs(only drivers) and than I install e licenser,(accordance with the rules) somehow I registered cubase 7. But this time, I can’t. I need a register some product. Also, my English is not so good. So I preferred single language (this is other reason :slight_smile: ) I tried resolution but didn’t work. (that was good idea, thanks) Finally, my cubase 7 is cheap. Because, it is for education. :slight_smile: Thank you for your answer. :slight_smile:

Could well be about software but quite a few thousand others use Win8 and Cubase for as long without problem. On looking about, not that much, it does seem that this sort of problem commonly involves gamers.
The rest of your programs on your computer look OK? Yes?
Not very often two hardware programs can interfere with each other which is why I suspected the dongle versus the Graphics card drivers. Not sure about the graphics but I’d look at the drivers now.
Windows Device Manager / View menu / Resources by Connection. See if many things share a single IRQ. Should be rare on a newish machine but you never know.
Don’t know if it will help.
Having just had to untangle my router and get back online I can only say for my problems that the more serious they look and the longer they take to find, the solution mostly turns out to be infuriatingly simple.

I have to go. I’ll write daytime.
Good bye :slight_smile:

Hi Kaan,

the problem is that the eLCC is not finding its language files. This could have happened because you have moved the application somewhere outside its original Program Files folder and you are starting it from there. Please give the following a try:
Open your Windows Explorer and go to C:\Program Files (x86)\eLicenser\eLCC and start the eLCC (Application) from there. Does it work then?



just in case (and not trying to undermine Buchanan’s good intended advices at all) there is nothing wrong with the USB-eLicenser nor the drivers. Don’t mess around with your graphic card drivers either, because this has nothing to do with that and you may end up with other problems!

All the best

Hi Luis,

Unfortunately, It is didn’t work.
This happened;
( I didn’t move the exe or other program files from its original folder.)

Thank you

Hi Buchanan,
I changed three different graphic card. I instaled a lot of drivers. But result is same.
Sorry, I don’t understand. (part of resources by connection)

Thank you

Hello Kaan,

this is actually a bug in the eLicenser Control Center (eLCC) software.

As far as I known, this issue occurs only on Windows systems that are set either to Turkish or Azeri language; to work around this issue, you need to (temporarily) change your system’s language settings, e.g. to English.

On your Windows-8.1 system, this needs to be done using the “Format” setting (see attached screenshot):
Open the “Clock, Language, and Region” Control Panel, then click “Change date, time, or number formats”.
In the “Formats” tab, choose a compatible format (e.g. “English (United Kingdom)”).

Now, when launching eLCC, its interface should be localized in English.

Hope this helps!



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Hi Dirk,

Unbelievable, it worked.
You are my best hero. I love you Dirk he he :smiley:

Thank you very much for everything.

See you later. I will pay back for this. :slight_smile:

Mission accomplished :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you very much everybody for everything.