eLicenser issue with Artist 10.5 upgrade from AI

I purchased the discounted Artist 10.5 upgrade from AI 9.5 last week. Had to buy the USB Licenser also. Downloaded and installed the program. Plugged in the USB eLicenser and the eLicenser program did not recognize or see the USB, did not show the license in the LH column. Contacted Yamaha support and was on the phone for over an hour with the tech guy. He took over my PC and uninstalled and re-installed the eLicenser program and we plugged it in again. No luck. Tried different USB ports on the PC, no luck. He said he would escalate the issue and have someone get back to me. That was 4 days ago. Anyone else having this kind of issue. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Hate to throw $$ away.



  1. Can you see the red light once you plug the USB-eLicenser in?
  2. Is the light blinking, when you start eLCC application?
  3. Is it connected to USB 2 or USB 3 port?
  4. Can you try other USB port (or even USB-hub)?
  5. Do you have the latest eLCC version installed?
  6. If you are on Windows, have you tried to install as administrator? And start eLCC as administrator?
  7. Can you see the USB-eLicenser as an USB Device on the system level? Any useful info on the system level?

Problem resolved. I think it just needed to breathe. Thanks for replying.
On Windows 10. Yes, latest eLicenser program.

I have another issue now tho. All my VST plug-ins are visible in Artist except for the Kontakt 6 Player that has Kontakt Factory Selection, The Grandeur and The Gentleman (pianos). I re-installed all the Kontact apps from the Native Access library but they do not show up in Cubase. Also, the Cubase AI 9.5 version that I have and had been using for a long time now has been suddenly transformed into Elements 9.5 (that’s what comes up when it starts to load) and the Kontakt plug-ins that used to be there are not available now. They were downloaded to a c\users\Public Documents folder by default and never had a problem accessing them in AI 9.5. I copied them to the c\programfiles\steinberg\vst plugins folder and restarted the PC but they still dont show up andrescanning in VST Plug-in Manager does not fix it.

Any ideas? Thank you.


Set the path to the NI Kontakt 6 DLL file in the VST Plug-in Manager in Cubase, please. Make sure, the plug-in is no not blocklisted, please.

I’m sorry, I don’t understand. “Set the path to the NI Kontakt 6 DLL file in the VST Plug-in Manager in Cubase”. Set the path to what?
I looked thru all the Kontact folders, I do not see a Kontakt6 DLL or any .DLL files. Kontakt does not show up in the VST Plug-In Manager. In the Kontakt folder, everything is a .nki or .nk* file type.


VST 2 plug-ins (what NI plug-ins unfortunately are) have .dll file extension.

During the installation you can see, where the files are copied to. Or maybe you can see it even in the NI Access Application (or how is it called). Then in Cubase’s VST Plug-in Manager, you have to set the path to this folder, so Cubase will scan the folder and find these plug-ins.

Hi Martin -
I did the maintenance tasks in the eLicenser program, all were OK. Not sure if that was the reason, but my AI 9.5 is back (instead of Elements) and Kontakt is available.
I checked the path used in the VST Plug-in Manager in AI 9.5 and added it to the VST 2 Plug-in Path Settings in Artist 10.5 and rescanned and all Kontakt apps and effects now show up and are working…
Thank you so much for your help, I feel a lot better now.