eLicenser Issue with Vienna Symphonic Library USB-eLicenser

I just wanted to share my experience regarding an issue related to the the eLicenser, in case the same misadventure may happen to someone else.

I purchased the download version of Dorico and intended to use it on my MacBook Pro with the soft-eLinces system. Everything was fine and I started using Dorico with enthusiastic expectations.Ten days after I upgraded my Mac’s system to Sierra and after that Dorico wouldn’t launch telling me it was not licensed. I couldn’t get out of the muddle I felt I was in and Eric from the support team could only tell me my license was stored on a USB e-Licenser.
The problem was that, as far I could tell, I never had a USB Steinberg e-Licenser dongle on which Dorico’s license could have been stored.
After the umpteenth exchange with Steinberg’s support for being misled by the fact I had upgraded my OS, Eric (from Steinberg’s support) told me that, from his side, he could tell the license was stored on a USB together with the Vienna Symphonic Library licenses.
Vienna? Then I realised I (almost) permanently have my Vienna USB plugged in a USB hub I usually connect to my Mac; also I never considered it as a possible storage device for any product that is not a Vienna one. Furthermore, I learned that the Vienna USB-eLicenser is indeed a Steinberg USB-eLicenser, which I bought, at time, directly from the Vienna site.

So, briefly, what happened was:

  1. I purchased Dorico to be launched without the USB-eLicenser
  2. Dorico was working fine as expected
  3. When I plugged the Vienna USB-eLicenser, in some way, the license was transferred from my MacBook Pro to the USB-eLicenser
  4. I was not aware that Vienna Instrument Library licenses where stored on a Steinberg USB-dongle, I simply thought it was a Vienna-only-certified hardware, so I totally excluded the possibility that the Dorico license could ‘slip’ therein.
  5. Once re-plugged the USB-eLicenser, Dorico launched with no problem

Now, at least, I know where my Dorico license is.