Elicenser Issue

I am trying to activate a few Vengeance plugins i recently bought for 5 hours and keep getting the same error on the elicenser control panel -

A Connection to the license server could not be established, because the license server is currently no available (e.g. due to maintenance work)

Please try again later, or contact your software vendors support department in case the problem persists.

Does anyone know if the server is truly down or is it some kind of setting i need to change on my computer? I have turned off all firewalls and everything else. Its a clean connection to a very high bandwith connection. The weird thing is , on the steps 1-6 on the maintenance side, it is also saying the same thing?

any help would be greatly appreciated. I was so pumped to try these plugins and this happens. Its always something…!

Is your system clock correct?
I have had problems with connecting to the database in the past when my system for some reason had not noticed the clocks had changed, and it turned out that if the system clock is more than 15 minutes out of whack with reality then a connection could not be made.