eLicenser issue...

Hi - Just installed Cubase 6.5 after checking here on the forum that I could keep my old licences…

Unfortunately, though I can still run Cubase 4, I can’t run Cubase SX3 (which I use to open old VST files) as I now get a licensing error.

Worse than that, the dongle also fails if I take the dongle to an old 10.5 machine which I haven’t touched in a year, and which used to run SX3 perfectly.

Is there a cure? I see some people talk about installing old elicenser drivers, but my old machine hasn’t been touched. Only the dongle has been updated.

Or, if push comes to shove, can I deinstall Cubase 6 and revert to Cubase 4, at least till I’ve opened and resaved more of my old files?

Please help, I feel rather sick inside!

I imagine the problem is the same as all problems regarding the elicenser. The elicenser application needs to be updated to the latest version on all machines you plug the dongle into.

It has nothing to do with which versions of Cubase you have installed on your computer.

Don’t be sick, it’s a fact that a license to Cubase 6.5 is a license to all Cubase versions since Cubase SX.

But I have updated the elicenser on my main computer, and it still won’t run SX3. Got the latest version a few hours ago…

I can see that other people claim you CAN run SX3, and I see other people claim they can’t.

Which is why I’m flummoxed now…

Hi SteveInChicago

I have a bit more information now, and maybe it will steer you towards helping me understand what’s going on.

I found a post here that said someone DOWNgraded their e-licenser and then it worked. It didn’t for me, but I’ve got more of it going now…

I noted 3 folders with Syncrosoft stuff in - all inside Application Support…
eLicenser - the fresh one
Syncrosoft - now containing just an alias to folder “Pos”
Syncrosoft-Soft eLicenser - now containing just an alias to “Pos”

My hypothesis is that SX3 looks in “Synchrosoft” and does NOT like the alias. I deleted the Alias, installed the downgraded e-licenser, which put an old copy of synsoacc bundle there, and all is well with SX3.
I haven’t got SX1 working yet.

More of a mystery is why my old Mac (which I only power up once a year) shows the same problem when all that’s changed is the Dongle. I’m thinking the Dongle has been programmed to look in a different place, and I’m wondering if I’ve fixed that for SX3 now - I’m about try the dongle on the old Mac.

Not sure I understand fully yet, but perhaps someone else can shed some light now I’ve got half a solution…

Well, I have a 6.5 license (as an update for a license originally for Cubase 6.0) and I can run SX3 anytime in both my computers. My elicenser is version

Thanks Makumbaria - confirmation that it IS possible.

That’s exactly the version of elicenser that didn’t work for me!

Most peculiar.

I now have SX3 working on my Intel Mac, and nothing now works at all on my G5 Mac, and I can’t upgrade the e-licenser to the same version I have on my Intel Mac because of OS restrictions. Hmmm!

Thanks again

Your dongle isn’t programmed to look anywhere - it just holds your current licenses. The e-Licenser Application though, is the go-between. On your computer, you start Cubase (any version) > Cubase asks the e-Licenser app if there is a valid license > the app looks on the dongle, sees the license and says ‘okay, you’re go’. The version of the app can only know about licenses that were current at the time the app itself came out. That’s why it’s so important to keep it updated on any computer you run Steinberg software on. Now if the OS is so old that you can’t execute or install the app anymore, I think it’s time to get in touch with support.