Elicenser issues after going legal

Hey all!
I recently purchased a cubase version after… testing it illegally let’s say… for a couple months.
I know it’s not right and honestly that’s the reason I ended up buying it but yeah, I’m sure many of us have been there.

The thing is that even after uninstalling everything related to this sparrow version and then installing the genuine software, I keep getting errors in my elicenser control center and on cubase startup about the elicense not being valid (I can use cubase anyway since the version I bought came with the usb dongle so it’s fine).

Is there any way of solving this that wouldn’t involve doing a full system format?

Hi and welcome on the forum,

The crack is somewhere deep in the system. The only way to get rid of it, is to make a clean Windows installation.

There is Cubase Trial license for 1 month available for free.

Maybe System Restore is worth a try (if it’s enabled).

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Before nuking your PC with a complete format/reinstall, it would be worth it to try and manually delete the soft-elicenser files. They’re somewhere in AppData\Roaming or such. Sorry, I can’t remember the exact path away from my Cubase PC.

Edit: Or ProgramData\Syncrosoft? Anyway there should be one or more .sel files that you need to get rid of.


That did it! It was in ProgramData/Syncrosoft, thanks!!



Here is the description, how to uninstall eLCC completely.

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