eLicenser issues. Multiple. SOLVED

Hello all.

Just (trying to) return to Cubase after an extended time away from music and I’m having multiple issues with the Dongle, eLicense control center and any attempt to register the dongle in the Mysteinberg account I set up.

I am on Mac, Catalina 10.15.6
I have downloaded the very latest version of control center for the Elicenser. The elicenser is recognised by the computer (red light active)

This was a first time installation.

Elicenser control center:
The dongle is recognised but I get the “1003” error code when I try to register through control center. I have a stable internet connection. I have uninstalled and re-installed the control center. I have re-booted the machine.

My Steinberg account:
I have attempted to register the elicenser in the online MySteinberg account following the instructions provided. I used the copy serial number function in the control center software. The online registration just hangs with the spinning red circle.

I could do with a little help guys. I really would like to get back into Cubase again but this is proving challenging to say the least.

Thanks in Advance for any help.

Issue was to do with the clock on the Mac, incase anyone has this issue again.

  • Make sure date and time settings are correct (including time zone) as well as set them to automatically sync with the internet.
  • Execute maintenance run in eLicenser.