eLicenser issues when loading Cubase 12

Every time I launch a project using the Fx Suite that came with my UR44 in Cubase 12, I get some warnings.

Screenshot 2022-03-03 093210
Screenshot 2022-03-03 093221

It may be that the eLicenser Control Panel is showing the Soft-eLicenser as deactivated. I don’t need that, can I get rid of the soft-elicenser?

I’ve tried repairing the thing, but it needs permission. When I launch it as administrator, it gets activated again and I can’t repair it.

I had that after enabling my tpm chip in bios. It took a couple of reboots before it sorted itself out.

I enabled TPM in the bios long ago (since Windows 11 was announced), and this is happening just now, after upgrading C11 and activating Cubase 12.

Just found out, this has happened before… after upgrading to Cubase 10…

Soft-eLicenser Problem - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

I just changed the file extension of the SeLicenser.sel to .bak. Now I don’t have the soft license and no more warnings.

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