eLicenser issues

I just recently upgraded to Cubase 8.5 from 7.0. It’s been working fine until this morning, when it claimed my trial period was over. I ran maintenance on eLicenser, which seems to have fixed that problem. However, it seems to have also deleted my 7.0 license.

But I keep getting an error "Application VST Connect Pro’ has no valid license. I thought this app was part of the 8.5 pro license, and in any case, I have a valid 8.5 pro license.

I’m not in need of VST Connect Pro for the time being, so how can I get past this issue? I’d like to disable this particular app, but I should also have a valid license for it.

Eventually, hitting cancel enough times gets me past this, but I’d like not to have to do this every time.


Cubase 7.0 wasn’t deleted, but replaced by (upgraded to) Cubase 8.5.

VST Connect Pro is nit part of Cubase license. VST Connect SE is part of it.

Thank you. I presume that it is looking for VST Connect Pro because my 30 days are up, but how do I get it to stop asking me for it?

VST Connect Pro is a separate program that you’ll have to uninstall if you haven’t bought a license, or else the errors wont go away.


To get rid of the message, uninstall VST Connect Pro, please.