elicenser keeps disconnecting

For the last week or so my elicenser keeps occasionally disconnecting which freezes Cubase and won’t let me even save my work.
Its obviously extremely annoying but also worrying because I don’t want to lose all my licenses if that thing eventually breaks.
I had this one for probably around 15 years now. I tried various USB ports but makes no difference.

Has anyone had a similar issue before? Should I buy a new one? If I buy a new, can I transfer all the licenses over to the new without paying a fee?

15 years is getting pretty old. It would not be a bad idea to transfer your licenses to a new one before total failure occurs.

I assume no USB power settings are causing the problem …

To transfer licenses it is simply a matter of drag and drop. You buy a new USB-eLicenser and plug it in along with your old one. Both should show up in the eLCC app.

You will not have to pay a fee (other than the cost of the new dongle).