eLicenser Key comes with 24 hour license?

When the boxed version of Cubase is purchased, the usb key comes with a 25 hour license (wait, is it 24?) that can run any Steinberg product.

Is this the case for Boxed Dorico purchases too?

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No, I believe the USB-eLicenser that ships with Dorico is completely empty.

Isn’t Dorico a Steinberg program?
If yes (and according to this), the 25 Hours License should be also available on the USB-eLicenser that is supplied with Dorico.

Since I’m reviving this topic, I’d like to know if a USB-eLicenser bought separately also comes with the ‘All Applications’ temporary license. From the link above it would seem that only USB-eLicensers that are supplied with a Steinberg program include this license. Is this entirely true? Or… buying a USB-eLicenser separately also include the license…

Dorico is a Steinberg program. I’ve never bought a boxed version of Dorico with a bundled USB eLicenser, so I can’t answer the second part of the question.
I have bought multiple standalone usb elicensers and can confirm that the ones I’ve purchased do not come with an all programs temporary license (or any other kind of license).

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When did you buy the standalone USB-eLicensers? More than 2 years ago?

Just - most recently the 3rd of April 2019.

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