ELicenser language

Hi all,

I didn’t know where to post this, so if its in the wrong forum I apologise.

The issue is with the E Licenser web site. When I click on “visit web site” to check for updates I go straight to the German page??

Anyone have any ideas, as I like to make sure my E licenser is up to date.

Thanks in advance,

Jim B


Where are you located? I’m located in Germany, and I’m redirected to the English page. :slight_smile:

In any case, you can change the language. Click to the flag in the top menu of the elicenser.net webpage.

Hi Martin,

I’m in England and I get directed to the German page!!

Thanks for the solution, its just that I have never had to do that before!

No worries,

Jim B

Thanks for reporting this issue, we’ll fix it soon :slight_smile:


Dec 2020
I live in Germany, but my preferred language is English…
My elicenser comes up in German and I can’t find how to change the language to English.

OK, a recurring issue that can’t be repaired for some reason? Very poor testing, attention to detail, and response. What are users to think of Steinberg?