eLicenser malfunction?

Running latest eLicenser - numerous restarts - numerous repairs - can’t launch Cubase 9.0 / 9.5

Help please :question:

Have you tried launching the eLicense software as an Administrator, updating it if required and running Maintenance (all as Admin)?

It appears as though in some cases the anti-ransomware feature of Windows Defender will disrupt
the elicenser / syncrosoft and adds additional security mods to C:\ProgramData\

download the latest eLicenser at:

As Administrator,
Completely uninstall the eLicenser software using “appwiz.cpl”
type it in Cortana search or use Windows Key + R
find the “eLicenser Control” in the Uninstall A Program list and uninstall it.

Reboot and then right click the previously downloaded elicenser and Run As Administrator.
Run the eLicenser as Administrator and perform maintenance then exit and reboot

Try Cubase again.
if it fails
Try right click Run As Administrator to launch Cubase from the desktop icon.

There is actually now a basic driver installed by Windows 10 (version 162299.64) that acts as a placeholder for the driver proper.

I have had two instances of elicenser not working, right after install of C9 and C9.5 (1 week ago), Malwarebytes was screaming something. And once on an update maintenance what you can do inside the elicenser software, windows defender stangely excluded a file. That was about 2 months and 5 months ago. Now / until now, there was nothing like that again.

have you recently had an update for Win10? I upgraded to Artist 9.5 last week from Artist 9 + previously from cubase AI. Same error message,everything was working perfectly until the Win 10 update on Sunday. I am using all day today to try and resolve the issue.I’ll let you know if I succeed.
I will be having a look at Windows defender [see fretthefret] post

Hi John,I’ve worked on this issue all day and issue RESOLVED! The Win 10 update on Sunday was my problem.Tried everything else,so with nothing to lose, rolled back to the previous version of Win 10. Artist 9.5 working perfectly and no files lost or corrupt.
If you decide to go for it,I dont accept responsibility for any losses if you choose to use the information I have provided which is 100% correct and an honest account of what I have done today. I definitely would back everything up before you try it

ok - thanks for the update. I’ll probably wait for the elicenser to be updated!

ok - thanks for the update. I’ll probably wait for the elicenser to be updated!

Rolling back Windows updates and exposing your system to potential Ransomware, which can occur via email, infected download, compromised web sites, or even another infected computer on your network/wifi doesn’t really sound like a good Resolution to the issue!
I’m sure there’s a better way.

A further auto Win 10 update arrived today…so my full day yesterday trouble shooting and resolving the issue was wasted!! Why? Artist 9.5 is working perfectly,no issues after update…so far! The elicenser update is not automatic - you need to download latest version which is:eLC version update it yourself at the elicenser control center [scuse the American spelling!]

Yes, we all like a challenge.
I updated the eLicenser yesterday, and I look forward to the Windows update shortly :slight_smile:

[update] - It appears I have the latest version - 1709 (10.0.16299.64) - dated 14 November 2017, the same date as the latest eLicenser!

So 9.5 works but Virtual Guitarist 2 doesn’t. That was my real problem