Elicenser missing Cubase Pro 11 licence

elicenser maintenance does not update my license - they are simply not present.
How do I reactivate hard license?
recently went to silicon mac mini - all had been working fine for several weeks.


I believe you should get in contact with the official Steinberg support.

Can you see the license at your MySteinberg account? Did the Maintenance (triggered from the eLCC application) run thru? What can you see in the result window?

The official support is in Australia. It is just nothing really. I will ring the from here in NZ. Yes I can see the license in My Steinberg. Maintenance ran through all six checks but nothing on the elicencer just asked for activation code after maintenance and of course that’s been used and can only Be used once.


Are you sure you have the right USB-eLicenser plugged in? Can you verify the USB-eLicenser Number with the one you can see in your MySteinberg account?

Could you verify the license presence at other system (computer)?

Thank you Martin

I walked away from the problem. Shut down and placed the ILok USB in another slot and the licence for Pro 11 reappeared on start up behaving normally. So you guessed right in a sense it was the USB stick I am guessing too.

Have a good day and thanks again


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