Elicenser: Never Ending Problems

Hello friends. Don’t mean to just puke all over everything, but in my situation, it is hard not to. :astonished:

Back when I had Cubase Elements with the “soft” Elicenser, there was a recurring problem where (seemingly rhandomly, every once in a while) I would go to bring up Cubase and a message would pop up saying that my license wasn’t valid. I would re-install it and sure enough, the same thing would happen again a few weeks later. Talked with Steinberg tech support, and they said that it could be the Windows security software that is causing the problem. I was already about to upgrade to Artist, and they thought that using the hard Elicenser would eliminate my issues. Well, I recently upgraded to Cubase Artist, and…yeah. I click on Cubase, click on my project, and as everything is loading, a message pops up saying my license is not valid. It seemed to be triggered by a new reverb I noticed that I had clicked on earlier, where the same bubble popped up, telling me I couldn’t use it. Whether I click “retry” or just “cancel”, all it does is lock up the screen to where all I can do is to restart the computer and go through the cycle again, only to find the same thing happening. Let me add that this computer is a brand spanking new laptop with Windows 10. Cubase is the only app I have installed on it. You claim that it works with Windows. If it is the Wndows security system that is causing problems, I believe it is on your shoulders, Steinberg, to resolve this. Many thanks to the helpful bunch that you guys are. I appreciate any insight that may help solve this problem.

Update: Talked with Steinberg some more, and I think we got it figured out. I misspoke. It wasn’t a new reverb that triggered it; It was the “Curve EQ” that I tried to use. Evidently, I wasn’t supposed to have that feature in Artist, and that is what caused it to get tripped up when loading the song. Had to send them the file, and they got it taken care of. Now I’m kinda scared to click on any new features in fear of the same thing happening again! Anyone else here that has had features show up that can only be used in Pro?

This only seems to happen with CurveEQ. It wasn’t made by Steinberg, so maybe there’s something about how it checks for your Cubase license that makes it show up when it shouldn’t for some Cubase Artist users.

Ok, thanks for the info.