elicenser no license to upgrade selectable

i try to activate my code but from some reason elicenser doesn’t let me, always the same message ‘elicenser no license to upgrade selectable’.
i installed Cubase 7.5 and now i need to write the code for ‘cubase 7 upgrade’ [don’t know how, but that came with the discs], in the end i need to be with Cubase 8.5.
please help me with that problem.

Thank you.

Hi and welcome,

Could you start from scratch, please? Do you have any Cubase activated already? What Cubase?

Case 1) You have any Cubase LE AI Elements activated > Move the Soft license to the USB-eLicenser first, please.

Case 2) You have no Cubase activated > You need a full license of Cubase 7 or current Cubase 8.5, not upgrade.

Case 3) You have some Cubase Artist or Cubase activated > Make sure the upgrade is from that (yours) version, not from another version, please.

FYI: The installed software is irelevant, it depends just on the licenses.

everything is ok now, i asked the seller and he explained the issue and the solution. Thank you any way.