eLicenser order


I ordered a new eLicenser as my one broke. It was 5 days ago I ordered it, also paid £15 delivery.

For a DPD delivery £15 is usually express or something, are you guys shipping from outside UK or something?

Edit - Anybody??

I’m from Scotland, thanks Steve.


What is the problem or the question exactly?

The question is in the OP - Does Steinberg ship from outside the UK? That’s the only reason I can think why this is taking so long…

5 days ago it was ordered, it has still not arrived even though it cost £15 for delivery. I imagine such delivery cost would be an express delivery yet it is not.

I could have ordered one on Amazon Prime and had it delivered next day for £10 less, which in future is where I will order.


Steinberg is located in Hamburg, Germany, so I guess they ship from there…

I was beginning to think they were in Germany, in future i’ll order stuff like this from 3rd party vendors.