eLicenser - Poor Quality?

Hi everyone,

New to the forum but been using Cubase since 4.
When I first got Cubase 4, the eLicenser broke and came apart after a few months - it never left my studio room. I was a bit disappointed but didn’t think much of it.

I purchased a second copy of Cubase (6.5) for my second machine a few months ago, hardly ever used it and now this eLicenser is broken too! It pretty much just fell apart in my hand, very frail. I’ve attached a photo.

Has anyone else had this problem? I’ve used tape to hold it together but I shouldn’t have to do that!
I thought Steinberg would have a better quality eLicenser?



I posted something regarding this in a thread about the use of a eLicenser.

and well, like I said there, I got cheap Chinese usb drivers more robusts than the eLicenser… pretty disappointing for a device that content 600€+ software licenses…

Good ole Scotch tape is the only thing holding mine together at the moment. I wonder if the folks with iLoks have similar troubles…

Mine also looks the same …split in two about 3 years after I bought It with SL 2.0.

In a panic, I bought a new dongle but it still sits in the package. I developed a very good crazy glue skill so it is back in place. This has never been out of the studio but it can get bumped easily since it protrudes about 1 1/2" from the back of the computer.

The new wireless mouse/keyboard USB receivers are great and very slim and would be a great design for the dongle

The casing on mine has some cracks, came out of the box like that.
I’m handling it as gently as I can and it’s held up for now, doesn’t seem to get any worse. Have it for what must be 2 years now at least.

im still using my sx3 dongle and it’s covered in layers of rubber miracle tape which is very strong but more importantly …bouncy :wink:

I’ve had the same dongle since Nuendo 2 hit the scene.
Guess I’m lucky as I’ve had no problems with the dongle itself.

Planning on buying a replacement/backup soon.

Ilok2 is a lot more robust and strong that the eLicenser.

Gaffers tape here!

Leaving just enough surface area to see the lil L.E.D.

I use mine ‘live’ very weekend.
Been thru several since C5.

But the newer ones are much better made
(and smaller) than the first one.


Aloha guys,

this is an important topic so I posted about this subject in the
‘Feature Requests and Suggestions’ forum.


Perhaps in the future Steiny will sell us something of better quality.
You know. That ‘German’ thang!

After having my original USB-eLicenser start cracking around the metal insertion tab (using it with a laptop at that time), I super glued it and wrapped it in electrical tape.

My current desktop USB-eLicenser is tucked safely away inside my PC case …

For a “permanent” installation this is the way to go. Not much of a solution for mobile users, I know.

The duct tape job on this one is a preventative measure. It’s in perfect condition and I plan to keep it that way.

I think the USB-eLicenser is definitely more fragile than most common USB flash drives.

For a Cheaper safer installation instead of an extra Card / PCI / PCI X slot being used , used a USB extension inside the PC , those 2 headed ones u get that fits on to the back plate slot , it plugs on to the on board USB jumpers , all M/board have 2 or 3 of these extra USB jumper pins , taped on the Cabinet base inside , works fine so far … sm

I just went ahead & bought an extra eLicenser when I bought Cubase 7. Figured I’d eventually need it, moving back & forth between a laptop & desktop.

wow , i didnt know that u can use the 2 same versions one cubase , installed @ 2 different places , with 2 dongles , with the same licence , @ the same time … is that possible ?? any one ?? sm

No, a license can be on only 1 dongle at a time. If you want that you have to buy 2 licenses and 2 dongles.
But you can of course move your dongle from 1 pc to the next and use Cubase on both, just not at the same time.

thanks though so …sm

We have released three different versions of the USB-eLicenser case over the years and the current incarnationis pretty solid (and shorter than the first one). So any replacement you buy for old USB-eLicensers that came with Nuendo 2 or Cubase SX 3 should be an improvement.

I got mine about 7 months ago… isn’t “very solid” my cheap 8gb Imation Usb is more robust I say.

Why did you buy Steinberg software if you knew the dongle was not to your taste ?
After all you seem to complain about it a lot :wink:

I think that ilok 2 is much more robust, but at the same time, elicenser software is more stable than ilok license manager (or the former web browser system).

My Steinberg key is ok at the moment, but it seems more fragile than my ilok 1 and 2.