elicenser problem with trial version

I have downloaded and installed the trial version 6 of Halion. I received an activation code, that code is recognized as a halian code in my E licenser program. But I keep being told that it is not valid when i run the registration routine in the elicneser module… I have tried rebooting re installing, nothing seems to work. When I open cubase 5 I can see Halion 6 has a VST instrument. But as soon as I click on it I’m told no valid license detected for halian 6 please connect your E licenser and click retry click cancel to stop loading the plugin make sure to have an up to date version of elicense . I have everything in order, everything is been updated, but I continue to run into this problem. Since I only have a 30 day trial I would like to get this working and tested ASAP

the bottom line is that I wanted to confirm that version 6 would be compatible with my cubase version 5 before purchasing halion

Fixed. user error I was trying to add the license to the dongle and not the hard drive