elicenser problem

Hello! I got the code for the trial version of Cubase 9.5. I have installed Cubase pro 9 and 9.5 trial. I entered the code for 9.5 trial, it will show up in eLitsenzer. But when I run the 9.5, I see the message “You have not activated Cubase Pro 9 permanently yet. Please activate the permanent litsense in eLitsenser Control Center” I eLitsenser I installed the latest version. And trial Nuendo 8 now shown like trial Nuendo 7, but a have nuendo 7 full and never had trial Nuendo7. Look at attachments please. What’s wrong? Thank you.

Буфер обмена01.jpg

Did you buy Cubase 9?

This isn’t an official support forum.

Just click start Cubase Pro.

  1. Are you able to run Nuendo 8?

  2. Try running Maintenance in the elicenser application.