elicenser problem

I accidentally activate Cubase AI 7 in USB elicenser and i cant transfer in to soft elicenser.
It is possible to transfer it or remove it from usb elicenser? In elicenser control center can not remove or transfer to soft ellicenser.

Thanx for help


“Important: A license transfer into the opposite direction - from USB-eLicenser to Soft-eLicenser - is not possible. As soon as a license has been transferred to an USB-eLicenser, there is no way back onto the hard disk. That means the USB-eLicenser holding the transferred license has to be connected when running the corresponding program.”

Ok If i undestand corectly i need another usb to work with cubase ai 7 on notebook and cubase 7 on desktop.

If you want to use both at the same time, yes.

Thank you.

I have a problem,

I have a version of Cubase AI7, I had to format my PC and reinstall can not activate it.
I’ve tried the support but got no success.

When trying to reinstall I clicked the button that deletes the software from My Steinberg, when I try to enter the activation code generated in Software e-licencer me a message appears saying that the code has already been used and I look for the assintencia steinberg yamaha, I’ve done this without success.

I live in Brazil.
Sorry for posting this here post, I do not speak any English, my native language is Portuguese and I could not find a topic about it, if someone can help me or post a link to a post here in the forum with the help I thank you very much.

Estou com um problema,

Tenho uma versão do Cubase AI7, precisei formatar meu PC e ao reinstalar não consigo ativar ele.
Já tentei o suporte mas não obtive sucesso.

Ao tentar reinstalar eu cliquei no botão que exclui o software do My Steinberg, quando vou tentar inserir o código de ativação gerado no Software e-licencer me aparece uma mensagem dizendo que o código já foi utilizado e que eu procure a assintencia da yamaha steinberg, já fiz isso sem sucesso.

Moro no Brasil.
Me desculpem por ter postado aqui neste post, não falo nada de inglês, minha lingua nativa é o portugues e não consegui achar um tópico sobre o assunto, se alguem puder me ajudar ou postar um link de um post aqui do fórum com a ajuda eu agradeço muito.

InExperienced, I’m also having the same problem. I’m buying a new computer because my current computer is no good and I’m afraid of losing access to my version of Cubase AI which I need for work. Any one know if I can just use the same activation key or do I have to deal with the whole USB thing which involves more expenses? Steinberg must understand that people buy new computers and they don’t want to lose access to their software.

Thanks so much in advance for any leads.

Okay so apparently NOBODY can help me out. I installed eLc for Cubase AI 4, but I don’t have a 20 digit activation code what-so-ever. Under “all available licenses” there is NOTHING absolutely nothing. I’ve made several posts basically requesting a new one in the last few days and got ZERO response.

It doesn’t work that way. In support at My Steinberg http://www.steinberg.net/ they provide a way to reactivate the AI line. I don’t know about Ai 4 which is from 2009.

Okay then, let Me ask You this - Does anything seem off in this picture?

You already have your answer buddy. Posting in multiple threads is not helping you either.