eLicenser Problem

I have just made the commitment to upgrade from WaveLab Elements 8 to the Full WaveLab 8.5, obviously at considerable expense, and am really disappointed that I can’t get it through the licensing process and am unable to use it. Steinberg support seems to be on holiday for about 10 days for Christmas and the New Year, but I have important work I need to get on with and would be extremely grateful if anyone can help with me this.
I try to enter my new activation code in the eLicenser, and the code is recognised as that of the software, but when that is OK’d a new window pops up to tell me:

“The license upgrade you are about to perform will work only for licenses which reside on a USB-eLicenser. Currently, the license eligible for this license upgrade process resides on the Soft-eLicenser. Please transfer the license you want to upgrade from the Soft-eLicenser to a USB-eLicenser (using drag-n-drop in the main window), then try the license upgrade process again.”

Now, I have never used a USB-eLicenser, the previous WaveLab Elements 8 version always having happily worked with the ordinary software eLicenser.
If anyone can help me get through this web of mystery I will be forever in their debt!
Please help if you know anything at all about all this!
Many thanks,

The full version (I.e. Not Elements) requires the USB eLicenser (the dongle). There is no getting around this. You can buy the dongle at most music stores or online.

Thank you very much Jasian - I suppose an ordinary iLok is no good?

Correct. iLok will not work. Only an ordinary eLicenser.

So grateful for your clarification!