eLicenser problem

My father bought a retail copy of Cubase Elements 8 in Köln Music Store. I was handling the installation.
System is Win10 x64

Installation went fine, I downloaded, installed and registered the eLicenserControlCenter. When it was downloading the activation key it crashed. I tried the same step again, it told me that the activation code has been used already.

Now there is an eLicenser registered in fathers mySteinberg account and it also contains the activation code, but ECC on the computer does not have the key.

Update database and Recover option in ECC does nothing.

Is there a solution to this?


What do you mean by the “eLCC on the computer does not have the key”, please? Is there Soft-eLicenser Number visible? Is there License visible?

Soft-eLicenser number is visible, License is not visible.
Meanwhile on My Products webpage, the same Soft-eLicenser already contains the activation code for the product.
Maintenance on eLC doesn’t do anything.

Just an idea.
Could I reactivate the product on another computer and then reactivate again back on the original one?

Or you can uninstall eLCC completely, install it back. New Soft-eLicenser Number will be generated, and you can reactivate to this Soft-eLicenser.

I followed these instructions:

When I reinstalled, nothing changed. Soft-eLicenser number is still the same.

Is there a file I missed?

Try this, please.

This worked wonderfully. Thank you!