eLicenser problems moving between Mac and PC

I’ve been working between my Windows desktop and MacBook Pro for the past few weeks. Over the last two days though I’ve started getting errors, especially when moving the dongle from the desktop to the Macbook. The eLicenser Control Centre often can’t detect any licences or gives messages such as in the attached. Reconnecting the dongle and running the ECC eventually fixes things but is time consuming and annoying.

I know that the dongle’s days are numbered so I’m loth to buy a new one - is there a temporary fix to tide me over until the licensing system is update?

I can send you a time-limited activation code that you can use to activate Dorico using the Soft-eLicenser on one of your computers, allowing you to leave the USB-eLicenser connected to the other one, if you wish. Let me know if that’s something you’d want to try.

That would be excellent, Daniel, thanks.