eLicenser problems since 9.5.10 and MacOs 10.13.2

So, since 10.13.2 and Cubase 9.5.10, I’ve started having problems with the Cubase dongle.

If I have the dongle connected to an Elektron Overhub (MTT USB3 hub), Virus TI plug-in won’t even start up. The Cubase dongle also has problems being recognised, which wasn’t previously an issue. Lots of errors, when attempting to start Cubase.

So, I’ve now moved the dongle over to a Thunderbolt to USB adapter, whilst Virus and Elektron AR and AK are connected to Overhub.

So far, that’s looking better. …but it does bring up the possibility that the Cubase dongle could be interfering with other devices - maybe eating more than its fair share of bandwidth.

Anyone else seeing similar?

Are there newer versions of the dongle perhaps? This one’s quite long in the tooth.

How old is your USB-eLicenser? An older USB-elicenser were not compatible with USB3.

Quite old. Not the original long USB dongle, but the second iteration - which was slightly less long.

I know there’s a new, even shorter dongle, but couldn’t find any info to describe each revision.