Elicenser question - delete everything

I don’t have anymore products that really needs the eLicenser, all my steinberg products can now run on the Steinberg licensing system.
I already removed the USB dongle and uninstall the Elicenser software.
Would you recommend to also delete the license from my eLicenser account here:

I asked you already in a different thread, what is your intention to delete the eLicenser software. I would honestly like to know your intention for doing this.

You still have licenses on the eLicenser that are not transferred to the new system, like Amped Elektra, Basic FX Suite or VST Connect Pro. So you still need the USB eLicenser here.

And just to repeat it, as soon as you start the Download Assistant it will reinstall the eLicenser Control Center. So I have no idea what your intention is here, I’m really interested in hearing what that is.

Finally I do clearly NOT recommend to delete everything. Clearly not.

Hallo Juergen, I habe Cubase seit Jahren. Zuvor mit e-licenser USB alles war ok. Jetzt habe ich Cubase 12 Pro gekauft. Auf USB Dongle System auktualisierte sich die Lizenz auf 12 Pro. Wenn ich login zu MySteinberg mache sehe ich jedoch keine registrierte USB Dongle. Wenn ich Dongle wieder registrieren will und serial Numme reinschreibe sagt System USB ist von einem anderen Benutzer benutzt. Ich habe Cubase auf meinem stationären Computer instaliert und activiert. Jetzt wolte ich auch auf Laptop instalieren (ich weiss dass bis zur 3 Instalationen möglich ist) es ist aber nicht möglich. Dongle ist angeschlossen und wenn ich Cubase starte schreibte er keine Lizenz ist verfügbar.

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Your USB eLicenser doesn’t contain any Cubase 12 license, this is done by Steinberg Licensing and uses the Activation Manager. So if you want to install and use Cubase 12 on another computer you should install the Download Assistant on that machine, download and install Cubase 12 and finally start the Activation Manager.

It is important that you login with the same user account as you did on your first machine, then you will be able to activate Cubase 12 on the second machine as well. The eLicenser is not needed here.

Thank you for your reply. I figured to start a dedicated thread on e-licenser indeed.
I tried to remove eLicenser altogether as from the software I have, i don’t need it anymore, on paper. But i keep having pop-ups and it’s slowing my workflow really, so all i’m trying to do is to stop having popups when I start Cubase.

I reinstall it but it’s now empty, and when i try to add an Activation code, here is what i see:

I did not replug the USB dongle on purpose, hoping everything could run on the e-licenser / hardware.

As long as there are plugins or applications that are not transferred to Steinberg Licensing you will need it.

What popups are they? Are they really from Steinberg, or do you have other plugins from other vendors? If they are from Steinberg you should have a license and that is either on your USB eLicenser or in Activation Manager.

Activation Codes are used just once. So that is not needed anymore. For what do you want to add these codes?

If you want to reactivate licenses you have registered you should follow this Support page

The USB dongle is the eLicenser and just hoping everything is fine by pulling the dongle is not going to work.

So I guess what you really want to do is, you want to get rid of license warnings when you start Cubase. In that case you should see what licenses that are and make sure they are registered.

If you don’t need the products, that are shown in the warning, remove the products (they are obviously still on your disk) and not start messing with the license management.

I replugged the USB dongle, I really wanted to get a USB slot back!

Here is an example of popup:
Screenshot 2023-02-16 at 10.46.56

So you either need to reactivate your Backbone license (see above for the reactivation page) or remove it from your disk. Or if you upgraded Backbone to Steinberg Licensing, go to the Activation Manager and activate it.

Why Cubase is checking Elicenser for Backbone when i upgraded it to the new Steinberg license system as you can see on my first screenshot?
So i cannot use a software i purchased, because of some conflicts between eLicenser and the new licensing system, i’m sorry but this is really frustrating I’m sure you can understand, so my thoughts was just to get rid of eLicenser as i don’t need it anymore, to my understanding.

So you upgraded it, did you activate it in Activation Manager?

Ok so I plugged the USB again, it was not changing anything nor appearing in the eLicenser.
I rebooted, did the Maintenance check, and it appeared.
I started Cubase and tried to add Backbone, and it now works.

So my question is again, when opening Backbone and there is no USB dongle, why it still require the eLicenser and not using the Steinberg Activation Manager? I really don’t understand why a year after releasing the no Dongle system, i still have to use it?

And no I don’t have any other software manufacturer using the Elicenser, it was 100% for Steinberg.

So that probably means you do have the previous release of Backbone on the machine and that still requires the eLicenser.

I’m not a Mac user, so I don’t know what you have produced by your experiments on getting rid of the eLicenser Control Center.

I’ve just tried to locate in Finder.
I’ve reinstalled backbone from the Steinberg Download Assistant.

I would uninstall Backbone completely, then reinstall making sure that you are installing Backbone 1.5. Earlier versions of Backbone do not work with Steinberg Licensing.