eLicenser question

Hi all

I just reinstalled Windows 7 and want to re-install Cubase 6.5 - (i had it installed previously) so should i need to re-enter the serial i got with the product or will the eLicenser just ‘know’ i’m allowed to run that software?

I’m asking because i’ve misplaced the original license code when moving home but still have the usb key…


If you already have the license on your USB key just install the latest e-Licenser software and you should be good to go.

Maybe its asking for the code again because i am now installing 32bit C6.5 instead of 64bit?

But i am also running C6.5 (32bit) on my XP partition and that works fine. I thought the serial was installed on the key once and that’s that. If so how come i’m being asked for my serial again?


Shouldn’t be.

I went from C4/XP to C4/7 to C4.32+C6.64/7 to C6.32&64/7 without it asking.

…and at some point installed maybe v4 on the Mac. Just plug in key and go.

Thanks. I’ll give it another go and let you know…

I gave it another go and this time followed its advice and ran eLicenser “maintenance tasks” which took a few minutes. Then it just launched C6.5 without issues. No serial needed. Thanks