eLicenser questions

Hi, I’ve been using Cubase Elements 10.5 and Wavelab 10 seamlessly for a while, until yesterday when soft- eLicenser issues started - no valid license found for any Steinberg product I own (screenshot attached). Hoping someone may have suggestions as I can no longer use any of my Steinberg software. Things that may be relevant:

-if started normally, eLicenser error message comes up: “the soft eLicenser needs to be repaired because the necessary info for the validity of the licenser has been changed or corrupted”. The error box suggests running licenser in administrator mode and running repair, which I’ve done multiple times;

  • starting soft eLicenser in administrator mode enables the soft eLicenser to start correctly and successfully run repair. You can see that on the attachment.
    -after repair is done, starting any software for which I have a license brings a "no valid license found’ message. On the attachment you can see Wavelab elements 10 has a full unlimited license, yet I still receive an error pop-up that ‘no valid license found (for) Wavelab elemets 10’.
  • the no valid license error box also says ‘select Activate if you have an activation code’. If I try to re-add the original software activation code to the eLicenser, this also results in an error code

I’m wondering if this may be tied to hardware changes as the computer (desktop win10) had a ram & graphics card upgrade on the weekend. I also ran latest windows 10 updates at that time. Since then to try to resolve this, I’ve reinstalled the eLicenser control centre multiple times. I also tried reactivating the software licenses through MySteinberg - this only works if you’ve got a new OS & new soft eLicenser serial number (you can’t do the reactivation if the eLicenser SN is the same as when you first activated, which is the case for me).

I’m at a total loss here so any suggestions welcome. I’d lodge a support ticket but here in Australia the only available support option is to email the local distributor (Yahama), who on past experience then just refer you back to Steinberg.

Cheers, Leigh

Did you follow this?


And here a link about missing or not unique soft elicenser number (maybe this could help your case):


Hi Makumbaria, thanks for suggestions. No joy with reactivation as this will only work if I do a full OS reinstall to generate a new eLicenser SN, it doesn’t work if the eLicenser SN is the same as when you first activated, which is the case for me. I’ll try the second link you provided, hopefully that does the trick. If not I’ll probably just use other mixing / mastering options I’ve got (Harrison mixbus, T-racks 5 suite), and revisit wavelab/Cubase next time I reinstall windows or get a new PC. Thanks again