eLicenser replacement


I am travelling and forgot my USB eLicenser for WaveLab 8.5.

I want to establish whether I can purchase another one. I registered the previous eLicenser and have a 32-digit activation code. Will this be enough to use a new USB? Where can I go to work out if I already have this information?


Once used, the activation code becomes unvalid. Hence sorry, this is not a solution.

Thanks Philippe. So does mean I’m basically screwed?

You have 3 options here:

-Have someone send your dongle to you.

-Buy a new dongle and activate Steinberg Zero Downtime. This will give you a license for all Steinberg products that works for 24 non-consecutive hours (that’s between 4 days to one week of work depending on how long your Wavelab sessions are) while you wait for support to transfer your licenses. This will make your previous eLicenser stop working.

-Depending on what you’re planning to use Wavelab for while traveling, Wavelab Elements may be sufficient. It doesn’t require an eLicenser, but I don’t know if it can open Wavelab Pro files. You can download the 30 day trial here: http://www.steinberg.net/en/products/wavelab/trial.html

thanks Romantique.

with your second suggestion, does that mean that support can transfer licences if I buy a new eLicenser? that’s the option i’m interested in, as I won’t be reunited with my beloved dongle for almost a month, with a bunch of work to do. happy to buy a new one

I don’t know if they can do that without deactivating your previous eLicenser, you should ask Steinberg Support directly through your MySteinberg: https://www.steinberg.net/index.php?id=9075&L=1

I also don’t know if they’ll give you the 24 hour license I mentioned without activating Zero Downtime.

I can’t seem to access Steinberg through ‘My Support’. i get trapped in a loop - it says to contact the USA distributor, who says to fill in a My Support form, which leads me back to a message saying to go to ‘My Support’, etc …

How do I get to know whether I can get a new eLicenser and keep using my software from Steinberg itself?