eLicenser says Retrologue 2 not upgradeable

Bought Retrologue 2 as an upgrade from the original, installed then entered activation code but eLicenser said nothing to upgrade. Same after maintenance and restart. Then I noticed the original Retrologue was missing from the program folders.

Should I have gotten Retrologue 2 as a full install not an upgrade?

Cubase Artist 8, Toshiba P870, Win 10, Audiobox USB.

Did you actually pay for a separate Retrologue 1 license? You could ask for a refund for the upgrade license you just bought and just upgrade to Cubase Artist 8.5 instead…

Retro 1 came bundled with Artist 8 and I see Artist 8.5 lists Retrologue 2 in the what-you-get. However the whole upgrade is the same price I paid for just Retro 2. Therefore the refund or credit idea makes sense. I just hope there will be no eLicenser issues.

I’ll leave this until next week. I live in the Aussie bush and I’m getting a new satellite dish in a few days with higher internet speeds. Thx for the idea.