eLicenser screen problem

I have Cubase Pro 8 and I installed via elicenser but actually I don’t see elicenser screen buttons somehow…
It has only one button for clicking and I did and installed with this way. But when I open it from shortcut from desktop I only see frames and no any button with YES/NO/NEXT/OKAY or something… I try to send a picture for this. what should I do for fixing this problem?

Please download and install the latest eLCC from http://www.elicenser.net/en/latest_downloads.html

If the problem persists, what operating system are you on? Thank you.

Thanks for reply,
I had downloaded and installed the lastest eLCC from this link before asking but it is same…
I use Windows 8 / 64bit
Should I install another program?

I would suggest uninstalling and reinstalling the eLCC in that case. If the problem persists, is there anything unique about your graphic setup (increasing text size on the operating system, etc)?

Unfortunately the problem persists after uninstall and reinstall…
I dont know how to fix it :frowning: I never saw such as problem with other programs or windows, everything is working normal except… What this elicenser Control Center needs and I dont have it?..

Hello wade21,

is your Windows set to either Turkish or Azeri language?

Then you might be encountering a rare bug in eLicenser Control Center; please have a look at this thread on how to work around this issue.

I just called Compel (Turkish Company) and they told me same thing. I changed my computer language settings and I could see invisible words… Actually I installed with chance even I dont see any word on buttons. But I write here the solution is about LANGUAGE SETTINGS on Windows.

You replied me after I called Compel and learnt the solution . Again thanks thanks thanks :slight_smile: I need help as a new user… But I can request this only: please support Turkish Language too in eLicenser Center. This is important for Turkish Users…