elicenser server down ???

i cant use elicenser whats happend ? i just buy the halion 6 and i cant license ?? its been like htat seen yesterday night. :frowning:

Yes, the server is down. Need to keep bumping this to try to get Steinberg’s attention. No way to log a support call either because MySteinberg is also down.

It WAS down, but I believe is back UP. I’ve been trying to upgrade my Halion 6 license since yesterday, and even posted in Facebook group about it. Then later . . VOILA! All is well - - try it again. :slight_smile:

I just bought Cubase 9 and can’t install it because the elicenser is down! Are you serious Steinberg? In this day and age?

I found so many posts with the same issue, it’s unbelievable!

I’ve had it with you guys!

I’m a software developer. If I would do this with our business, we would be dead.

Same here! Very annoyed!

I am flabbergasted that you’re selling your product when your customers can’t even activate it. Have some common courtesy. I just purchased C9 and now I cant activate it because your servers are down. Your model is not working for your customers. Change your model, or your customers will go elsewhere.

Is that what’s happening? I just spent some good money on Chase and waited for hours for it to tell me i can’t activate my license because the server is down, is that mine or cubase’s?

Working here. Is it still a problem?

Woke up this morning, typed in the code and it went through, so all good here. Now engaging my monitors and mic through a Scarlett 6i6, is that all in the devices setting?

First, select the device driver for Scarlett in devices/device setup/vst audio system.

The open VST connections and if necessary add or edit the input and output buses. Make sure you have at least one mono bus for the Scarlett input channel you are using for the mic.