eLicenser server is down

Bought the C6.5 to 7.5 upgrade last night. Accepted payment quite happily.
Unfortunately it won’t let me activate as ELC complains that the server is down, possibly for maintenance? I’ve been trying for hours and hours now (OSX 10.9, firewall on/off) without any joy. Just trying to figure out whether the problem could be at my end - I want to use what I’ve paid for!

Just can’t believe they wouldn’t have any sort of redundancy / backup to prevent downtime - which makes me wonder if its at my end, though I don’t know what else to do - got latest ELC, firewall off and on…

14 hours later an it still says the server is down - sent a support ticket off hours ago. Just so unprofessional.

I’m getting the same return; “Down for maintenance”, etc…
Not much help but it does confirm that the license server is indeed having issues and it’s not a problem at your end.

Thanks for the reply! Urrgh I was really hoping to use today to work with / learn C7.5 as I’m back on a C6.5 project tomorrow. They were so eager to take my money too…

Same issue here. Can’t believe it … with a software that costs ~ 500 Euros.

… can’t believe that! It’s true for me too…

it’s like they took my money and gave me an empty box!

As you might imagine a lot of companies take time off for Christmas. Certainly between Christmas and new year. This time is often used for maintenance work. I can understand your frustration. However, you are probably enjoying a break as, I might imagine, are the Steinberg employees.

I most certainly wouldn’t expect something as critical to your business as your licence server being down for more than an hour or so without a really good explanation, whatever time of the year. Its now 18 hours and counting since they took my money.
I would expect them to have a redundancy backup in place for when maintenance arises. Maybe they are having serious issues, in which case they should post something to that effect.
Fwiw I was in the studio mixing on saturday and will be again from tomorrow - this is my full time livelihood.

I’m having the same issue. Other companies that I deal with that have a dependence on internet service always notify customers well ahead of time. A simple notice in support would actually be helpful. Might not just be maintenance, might have just gone down, who knows. This isn’t the finale of two weeks of major hardware and software upgrades I was looking forward to! A new brass library ordered three weeks ago still hasn’t shipped, either…

Basically there shouldn’t be such a thing as “time off” for server administration or customer support.

If the server is really down for maintenance (what I doubt if it is really down since more than 17 hours) then there should be some information on Steinberg’s web site or on eLicenser’s web site. But I couldn’t find anything.
If the server is down unplanned, there should be back-up teams that bring it up as soon as possible (and additionally there should be information on the web sites).

From a customer service perspective, this is really poor.

Trying to install 7.5 update …can’t update licence …message says server is not etc etc …same message on separate PC…I suppose I just wait…

I think everyone should clutter this forum with his own thread about the same topic…

Same problem here. Very disappointing indeed.

Yeah same problem here! super annoying! I’ve tried it last night, this morning, just now. still not fixed!!

I’m getting the same problem. Glad it’s not just me. I checked the website, but there was nothing about server down time. Had today booked out to play with the upgrade. Alas, not to be.

Not great service to be honest. Let’s see what happens.

I simply cannot imagine how it is possible that nobody from Steinberg has noticed this topic yet.

This is a serious issue. At least someone from Steinberg could try to subside the frustration by saying something like: “Yes, we are aware of the problem, and that we are trying to fix it ASAP. Sorry for any inconvenience.”

I don’t suppose “new year holidays” is an acceptable alibi for such negligence, albeit the problem might be on the side of the eLicenser site as their latest version is a month old now.

As time goes by and there is no reaction on the Steiny side, all the excitement of having bought a new version fades to black…

Thanks to you all for the confirmation of the problem. Server maintenance on the license-system, or “unplanned” maintenance (system down) - fine Steinberg, just post a note about it on the website!! Very unprofessional not to.

The license system is vital for new or returning customers to actually begin using their new bought software.

For a company the size of Steinberg (as of the actual sales and the global prescence), I can’t imagine that the operating supplier of Steinberg isn’t monitoring the license system 24x7 with perhaps 4 hours response time as of most. The same with all public websites. It seems that the system has been down now for approx 24 hours and counting…

To me that all together implies that they have some major problems with the system or the infrastructure.

Or that I am wrong about the monitoring :open_mouth: (Noo…it can’t be true that they only monitor the systems on mondays to fridays)

I upgraded some VST sounds and now I can not work on all projects which use them!
Or I have to deinstall the upgraded version with possible side effects.

So I payed for being blocked!

If it is a server problem: Nowadays every one man show has a high availability solution for their business critical parts; would be very alarming!

Perhaps it’s a network problem that Steinberg could not influence…